Welcome to the Mothership: Hips

with Jessica Jollie

Asymmetry in the body is absolutely normal, so why are we always trying to find balance? – Physical balance? Mental and emotional balance? Work-play balance? What are you aiming for when you are trying to balance? The hips are a great place to start on your journey– which is truly an individual one! This workshop is an all-levels (from beginners to senior teachers) vinyasa-based workshop focusing on understanding your hips. Steeped anatomical and energetic conversations will be held among the Pranayama (breath)-filled landscape that we will create! Bring an open heart for self-inquiry. Allow your yoga to help you land with greater personal insights. Take some souvenirs home for your practice, but more importantly for a more balanced life.

This workshop is recommended for yogis of all levels of practice experience.

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