Creative Sequencing with a Purpose

with Alexandria Crow

The job of yoga teachers is to get their students to concentrate so that they can reach the present moment where they can make wise decisions based on what is needed, not what is wanted, in the moment. Sequencing is one of the methods that yoga teachers can use to get students to the edge of the now so that they can work wisely with their own unique mind, personality, and physicality. In this workshop, we will look at the commonalities between poses so that the range of choices becomes much simpler for yoga teachers. We will also focus on how to build an interesting and creative class that takes body mechanics and students’ personal limitations into account so that an entire room of yogis is making wise personal decisions. Teachers will learn to sequence around yoga’s philosophical demands of what a yoga practice is and what asana must be.

This workshop is recommended for yoga teachers and teachers-in-training.

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