Exploring Three Primary Types of Backbends

with Christina Sell

Most back bending postures fall into one of three categories: those with the belly down where we lift up against gravity, such as “shalabhasana,” or locust; those that have one end anchored and require a lowering down with gravity, such as “ustrasana,” or camel, and those that have two ends suspended, such as “urdhva dhanurasana,” or upward-facing bow/full wheel. This three-hour intensive will explore principles and actions for the hips, shoulders, and back that can be applied to the postures in each category to increase awareness and understanding and aid practitioners of all levels in developing the requisite strength and flexibility needed for a well-balanced backbending practice. Christina is known for her progressive sequencing strategies and her down-to-earth teaching style and will guide you through an informative and dynamic sequence with modifications, safety cues, and techniques for advancement throughout this intensive. Expect strong work, demonstrations, explanations, repetition, and a few jokes along the way.

This intensive is appropriate for yogis of all levels of practice experience, except for those recovering from injury or illness.

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