Gillian St. Clair

Gillian started her asana practice in 1999. She had come from a life of dancing (ballet and contemporary) and didn’t realize how much she relied on her physical state to take care of her emotional state until the day she quit dance. She had no knowledge of where she was storing all her feelings until that moment. When she took her first Ashtanga yoga class, she felt completely clear again. It was magic! She felt whole.

For a long time that is where Gillian stayed – focused on the physical practice of yoga – until she returned from India. She then began to teach what she learned there, continuously learning and re-learning many lessons along the way, and refining and redefining her teaching and practice of yoga over time.

Gillian opened Steadfast and True Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee in August 2010. She wanted to create a studio and space that embodies the values of right actions, less distractions, and healthy reactions. She sought to create and extended family and succeeded. Steadfast and True Yoga is constantly growing and evolving, but it has been and will continue to be an amazing journey for her.

Gillian is very passionate about truth and integrity and asks for the same values from the yogis in her classes and workshops. She encourages them to seek the knowledge of breath and asana before the fluidity and vinyasa. With that background, she teaches very strong alignment-based Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes and workshops. Gillian understands and teaches that everything in yoga is attainable, although its process must be explored.

Workshop: Block Party

Website: Steadfast and True Yoga

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