Gina Minyard

ginaminyardlotusGina brings awakening and alchemy, the heart of yoga, into the fore with her teaching. She engages on every level with heart, mind, and body-transforming guidance, integrating vinyasa flow with the penetrating work of dynamic alignment and unifying actions in each pose. Thematic inspiration and intelligent sequencing ground her instruction and promise sound progress that leads to astonishing breakthrough experiences for students of all abilities. Respected and sought out for her passion and enthusiasm, clarity and knowledge, expect disciplined work infused with laughter and light-heartedness. For Gina, yoga is a radical practice to bring our truest Self – its steadiness, freedom, truth, and love – into full embodiment. She is utterly humbled and fulfilled by the opportunity to guide those who would open to and flow with Grace, the igniter of the Heart and transformer of the human experience.
Gina’s training in all aspects of hatha yoga and meditation is extensive, beginning in 1999 with her first yoga certification program with Atlanta Yoga Fellowship/Peachtree Yoga Center. Her subsequent training in Anusara yoga, over 1,000 hours, beginning in 2000, greatly advanced her asana practice and knowledge in biomechanics, methodical alignment principles, therapeutics, and Tantric yoga philosophy. In 2006, she became the first certified Anusara Yoga teacher in Georgia, and was a pioneer for the growth of this innovative hatha yoga school in Atlanta and the region. Though she resigned her license with Anusara, Inc. in 2012, she continues to draw deeply from the efficacy and potency of Anusara methodology. Additionally, she began a regular meditation practice in 2000. In 2009, she became a student of renowned scholar and meditation teacher Prof. Paul Muller-Ortega, PhD, founder of Blue Throat Yoga, a school of sadhana in the Shaivite Tantric tradition. She is currently enrolled in his advanced level of study.
Gina completed Cate Stillman’s 9-month Living Ayurveda Course in 2013 and weaves Ayurveda’s wisdom into her life and teaching. More recently, she is delving into the crossroads between yoga and psychology, both for herself and as a teacher of yoga, under the mentorship of Livia Cohen-Shapiro. An E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, she is the director and senior teacher of Yoga Collective in Atlanta, GA, where she leads the BODY of LIGHT Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training along with public classes and private sessions, as well as workshops regionally and nationally, and is a leader in the Atlanta yoga community. When not on the yoga mat or in the meditation seat, she enjoys her delightful son, the bliss of nature, nourishing herself with whole foods, and rocking out to 80’s hair metal.

Website: Gina Minyard