Isabelle Casey: Eight-Limbs Vinyasa Yoga

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali describes an eight-limbed path that quiets our mind and helps us achieve samadhi, or bliss. This eight-fold path is the root of yoga. Practicing yoga asana, meditation, breath-work, and the ethical precepts of the yamas & niyamas prepares us for the deep meditative state that naturally follows in the form of strong sense withdrawal and refined concentration and may ultimately move us closer to the sweet taste of bliss.
By including the eight limb philosophy as a whole in our yoga practice, we have the opportunity to create the environment where we hone in on the clear cut path to enlightenment. In this workshop, we will fuse together the eight limbs of yoga and illustrate them through yoga asana to gain a clearer understanding of our journey.
In this workshop, our journey will begin with a discussion and will then continue through asana and meditation. Expect a steady vinyasa style workshop, including arm balancing & inversions. A solid understanding of modifications and ujjayi pranayama practice are recommended for this workshop, but all levels are more than welcome.