The Language and History of Yoga (with Sanskrit-Focused Asana)

with Marcy Braverman-Goldstein

Have you ever wondered what your teacher is saying in Sanskrit? Do you know the deeper meanings of common terms (for example, “hatha” means violence, force)? This intensive will explain the language of yoga and demystify pronunciations, spellings, and definitions of asanas and other words that you hear, say, read, and sing. You will leave with a deepened understanding of how Sanskrit is a highly organized sacred sound system. From new students to long-time teachers, all are welcome.

What are the oldest poses and which ones were made up yesterday? Was the Buddha a yogi? When did yoga reach the US? This intensive will answer these questions and more in a whirlwind tour of yoga history from 2500 B.C.E. to the ever-changing modern moment. Attendees will gain historical perspective on yoga practice, which will clarify what yoga was, what it is, and what it can be.

After learning some Sanskrit and history, we’ll embody our new skills in a Sanskrit-focused asana class co-led by Gina Minyard and Marcy. As we practice, we’ll hear the correct names and pronunciations of the poses.

Marcy will provide study guides. Come with an open mind and heart, a pen/pencil, and a yoga mat.

This intensive is appropriate for yogis of all levels of practice experience.

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