Marcy Braverman Goldstein

(Kevin Wolf/AP Images for Rochester Review)

Marcy studied neuroscience and psychology as an undergraduate at the University of Rochester. A fascinating class about Indian traditions opened the door to more compelling ways to understand consciousness. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa as a Religion and Women’s Studies double major, Marcy entered the Religious Studies doctoral program at University of California, Santa Barbara where she began her formal training in Sanskrit and was immediately riveted by its mellifluous sounds and intricate grammar. Her translation skills were refined during an immersive language study program with Dr. B.N. Pandit in New Delhi, India. In 2003 she completed her dissertation, an historical study of Sanskrit terms about possession, madness, and devotional experiences in Āyurvedic texts, Hindu poetry, and Tantric literature.

Marcy began teaching Sanskrit and the history and philosophies of yoga in the 1990s. To design her courses, she draws from her training at University of California, Santa Barbara and in India, and twenty years of yoga practice, including a 100-hour Yoga Immersion. Previously at Davidson College and currently at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, she teaches courses such as “Yoga Through the Ages: 2500 B.C.E. – Today.” Since creating Sanskrit Revolution in 2012, she has taught at more than three dozen yoga studios, teacher training programs, yoga festivals, and conferences nationally. Marcy’s passion and goal is to help people discover the fascinating linguistic foundation and history of yoga.

Intensive: The Language and History of Yoga (with Sanskrit-Focused Asana)

Website: Sanskrit Revolution

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