Meredith Cameron

Learning to transmute previously held self-limiting beliefs, Meredith supports an inspired space for students to dig deeper, cultivate connection, and source a feel-good life. An advocate for living a feel-good life, Meredith is influenced by her teachers, Abbie Galvin and Shannon Paige, global travels, and her daily interactions with others, all of which infuse freedom into her teachings and allows students to feel their own sense of empowerment.

Meredith’s style of yoga is one of a kind, as she sources her inspirations and influences. She co-creates a sense of freedom and wonder in her students. Her well-aligned vision, both on and off of the mat, is supported by her clear ability to hold transformative space for students of all levels.

Workshops: Cleaning It Up: Move with Leverage Instead of Effort and Yoga Stability.

Website: Meredith Cameron Yoga

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