Mike Fecht

Mike is a 20-year health and fitness industry veteran, the Co-President of Yoga for Men, and the head of Yoga for Men’s Yoga for Athletes program. Mike works with some of the best athletes in all professional sports, including all four major North American professional sports organizations: the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB.

A former college baseball player, Mike started in corporate wellness while in college, launched his own personal training business in 1997, and then ran up the career ladder with Crunch Fitness in 2000, eventually leaving them after 6 years as a National Supervisor. Mike has been involved in health and wellness his entire life.

In 2009 a personal tragedy allowed Mike to experience the deepest benefits of a healing yoga practice. He sees it as his life’s work to share those benefits with others and especially men. Mike is a yoga teacher and brand ambassador, contributing educational and Yoga-themed content, while also working closely with Yoga for Men founder Jonathan Creamer to expand the awareness and mission of Yoga for Men to an even greater global audience.

Mike was recently featured on the television show NFL Rush, teaching yoga to a number of Miami Dolphins players. In addition, Mike spoke at TEDx Tampa Bay in September 2015.

Workshop: Yoga for Athletes

Website: Yoga for Men

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