Nicole Jurovics

Nicole Jurovics is now an official Georgia native, having just passed her 20 year residency mark! Hailing from North Carolina, Nicole tried her first yoga class at Guilford College in1992 because she thought it would be an easy elective. It was and it wasn’t. She adored her first yoga teacher for being funny and very strong, even though her teacher was really old…, forty (ahem)! So Nicole began practicing yoga more regularly and sampled styles and teachers as often as possible. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia at the end of 1994, she structured her life to include at least four yoga classes each week. With the physical practice established, her interest grew beyond her yoga mat and into other limbs of the discipline.

With a background in the music business, Nicole’s schedule included very late nights. She needed an anchor, something to tether her to a true foundation. She credits her yoga practice and studies for illuminating what was truly important—respect for herself and the friends who continually surfaced when she needed support. Shortly after marrying a yoga-loving musician (surprise!), she decided to further cement her commitment to her yoga practice by completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Peachtree Yoga with Graham Fowler, Elizabeth Nix, and Sean Tebor.

Nicole has been teaching yoga since early 2004, with Decatur Yoga as her home base, although she’s fortunate to also work with other yoga studios, gyms, and schools.

Serendipitously, Nicole met Melissa Katz in 2008 when the fate of the next Atlanta Yoga Conference (AYC) was uncertain. She discovered that they made a wonderful team and therefore committed to broadening the scope of the AYC to include more than just local teachers, of whom Atlanta has so many incredible talents, and began inviting out of town, nationally-recognized teachers to join them for a full weekend each fall. The AYC became the Southeast Yoga Conference (SEYC) in 2011 and has seen tremendous growth in its attendance, as well as sponsorships and in the variety of the most exciting, respected, and educated yoga teachers in the country.

Nicole still has one foot in the music business as she manages the career of one artist/producer and books live music for a private club and one annual music festival. She now has two daughters who challenge her to slow down and plug-in to what is truly important, The Moment. She loves planning the annual SEYC as well as Southeast Yoga Retreats. Nicole feels so lucky, blessed, and grateful to have found an outlet that will allow her to be a teacher and student simultaneously, and for the rest of her life.

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