Béla Presents: The Fire That Burns

with Bibi McGill

Stoke your inner fire, cultivate fearlessness, and focus your mind! In this workshop, we will weave through a sequence that induces heat and puddles of sweat. We will not need to turn the heat up in the room – we will instead turn the heat up from within! Using pranayama techniques, we burn not just calories, but “samskaras,” which yoga recognizes as remnants or impressions of our past stored in our bodies and minds that can affect our current ways of moving, perceiving the world, and being. Bibi will lead a vinyasa flow that encourages a full thoracic breath, deep and expansive on both ends. Designed to activate all parts of body, mind, and spirit, the sequence in this workshop will increase strength and flexibility, oxygenate the body and the blood, cultivate and direct energy throughout, and heat the glands, organs, and muscles for maximum detoxification and to prevent injury. We will cool down with a long savasana and leave this workshop with an openness that radiates from the core’s center out into infinity.

Some yoga practice experience is recommended for attendees of this workshop.

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