A Tribute to the First Lady of Yoga – Why Your Yoga Journey Matters

with Jessica Jollie

Inspiring History, Refinements in Alignment, and Breath Practices are the interwoven themes of this workshop in which we will honor the style of one of the most influential female teachers of our time, Indra Devi. This yogic icon largely pioneered the opportunity for women to practice Yoga today. With history interwoven, we will take a close look at our foundations in order to avoid common misalignments in our yoga practice. Experienced students will certainly refine their practices not only with historical and anatomical nuggets, but with rich Pranayama (breath) practices as well. Be a part of the continual evolution of Yoga in our time. “To understand the future, you must first know your past.”

This workshop is recommended for yogis of all levels of practice experience.

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