The True Surrender: Lay Down Your Fear

with Swami Jaya Devi

In order to become a spiritual warrior, you must lay down your fears and take up the trident of power, integrity, and truth. The path of yoga is designed to address the deepest fears inside of us and to teach us to use them all as fuel for radical transformation. Learn to listen within for the silent impulse of Shakti (divine energy) beyond all fears and worries to fearlessly be who you are in the freedom of the living moment.

During this session, we will do kirtan (sing Sanskrit chants) to open ourselves to be able to listen more deeply. Swami Jaya Devi will introduce the concept of fearlessness and guide us into meditation. We will have the opportunity to ask Swami Jaya Devi questions and receive accessible teachings in a friendly and nonjudgmental atmosphere. We will come away encouraged and empowered with practical tools and tips for living our lives more fearlessly and authentically, filled up as we learn from the struggles and successes of others in the room.

This workshop is recommended for yogis of all levels of practice experience.

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