CANCELLED – Yoga for Athletes

with Mike Fecht

Forget everything you think you know about yoga for athletes. Athletes don’t need a more strenuous workout; they need a practice that takes into consideration their specific needs.

The wrong yoga practice can be either ineffectual or even dangerous for the athlete. Properly practiced, yoga can help athletes:

  • Increase mobility;
  • Develop increased body awareness;
  • Enhance focus on and off the field;
  • Find “the zone” and stay there;
  • Recover post-game and post-workout;
  • Prevent and recover from injuries;
  • Increase career longevity; and
  • Enhance post-career health and wellness.

Yoga for Men’s Mike Fecht has worked with some of the world’s top NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL athletes, as well as scores of high-level amateur athletes. This workshop is your opportunity to work with him, too. Whether you are a teacher and want to know the specifics of what to do or not to do when you’re teaching the pros, or if you are a serious athlete at any level, you’ll get a ton out of this rare opportunity to work with Mike—and you’ll have a blast doing it!

This workshop is appropriate for yogis of all levels of practice experience.

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